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Association of Merchants and Residents of the Fish Market and St. Catherine (stcath)

The restaurants of the place Sainte-Catherine

The restaurants of the Place Sainte-Catherine in the city center of Brussels are very popular places and appreciated by both Brussels residents and tourists. True authentic place with a history and a particular heritage, it is perfect for the tourism, to relax or to taste delicacies in its numerous restaurants. After browsing some restaurants in the square, we introduce you to some of them.

North Sea
North Sea or Noordzee is a well-known address for fish lovers, reminiscent of the maritime history of St. Catherine's Square, which had a fish market. You can enjoy fresh fish and seafood (shrimp croquettes, mussels, fried squid, fish soup, etc.) at affordable prices. North-East Sea also a true Brussels institution that offers a unique and friendly experience with a warm welcome.
Chicago Cafe
Restaurants in Place Sainte-Catherine
, the Chicago Café is a trendy canteen with a vintage and industrial look. A variety of dishes are to discover from breakfasts to late-night meals (burgers, pasta, quesadilla, daily specials, etc.) The Chicago Café has the particularity of offering brunch on Sunday and having a children's corner, which is convenient for families.
Girls, culinary pleasures
This restaurant is a special place where you feel at home or at a friend's house. Each menu consists of two appetizers, a main course and a dessert made with local organic products. Les filles restaurant is a friendly place with a family atmosphere. It also offers cooking classes and brunch on weekends.

Umamido is a restaurant that serves high quality Japanese dishes like the very popular ramen noodle bowls. The restaurant attaches great importance to the quality of their products and imports them directly from Japan. Thus, all the ingredients of each menu, the vegetables, the meat come from Japan.

Makisu is another restaurant near St. Catherine's Church. It gives the opportunity to each customer to customize his maki with fresh products. From then on, you can choose a protein (fish, chicken), add vegetables and a sauce of your choice. Otherwise, various makis are already prepared and ready for consumption. It is not a conventional sushi chain, but a unique restaurant with thirty ingredients and a wide variety of maki combinations.

Rugbyman N ° 1
This warm, chic and friendly restaurant is a good place to spend time and enjoy fresh seafood recipes such as lobster which is the chef's specialty, shrimp croquettes, flat oysters and Provencal mussels. It is very popular with the stars and also welcomes families.

Jack O'Shea Chophouse
Meat lovers will love Jack O'Shea and his steakhouse. To go out in Brussels during the Christmas holidays in search of gift ideas or if you are looking for a friendly and warm restaurant and enjoy meat, this is the address for you. The menu includes Angus fillet, rib eye, lamb chops with a choice sauce and potatoes.